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Acorns Class

Welcome to Acorns Class!


This term our topic is Space. We are particularly excited to learn about the Moon landing of 1969 just in time for the 50th anniversary! (20th July.) If you would like to find out more about what we will be learning this term please read our class newsletter.

For more information about what we will be learning, please see our Class Newsletter.

Trip to Thetford Forest 5 July

As part of our Explorers topic, the children were given the chance to plan their own adventure. They decided to go to a forest. This week we visited Thetford Forest and had an amazing time! The children practised identifying trees, took lots of risks on the play equipment and had a wonderful time exploring!

Acorn Class

Teacher: Mrs Walker

Instructor: Ms C Reynolds

Children: Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2

Homework is given out on a Friday to be handed in on Thursday.

Spellings are set on a Monday and are tested on the next Monday.

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Space Dough! 11 June

Today our EYFS pupils have been making space dough. They realised that some of the instructions were missing and had to solve problems involving sharing, halving and doubling the quantities they needed to get the right consistency. They worked together as a team to count, weigh and measure the ingredients to make the dough, mixing the ingredients and the food dye to make the black dough they wanted. They then decided they wanted green and red glitter.

Music Workshop 11 June

The children had a fantastic morning with Jan and Sarah from Songbirds, who spent the morning delivering music workshops for all of the children! The children learnt to play a song on the ukulele and learnt a new rhythm on the djembe drums.

Pizza tasting! 8 May

Our children have been learning to be food critics and have been tasting pizza! We looked at the menu together, voted on what we wanted to order and then ordered four different toppings. The children assessed their pizzas by thinking about what they looked like, smelt like and tasted like.

Food Tasting! 7 May

The children have been tasting lots of different ingredients and choosing which they might like to use when they make their own pizza later in the term. Some ingredients were enjoyed more than others!

Investigating plants 3 May

As part of our work in Science, we have been looking closely at plants and identifying their different parts. We have been talking about what each part of a plant does too.

Into the Woods! 1 May

Following on from our work on Explorers last term, and linking to our work in Science on plants, the snow has melted away in our Narnia role-play area leaving a beautiful woodland for the children to discover. We can’t wait to link it to our English work on Fairy Tales and to listen to the children practising their story telling! It has also given us the perfect opportunity to display some of the children’s art from last term’s focus on the seasons.

PE 1 May

In PE we have been working on our hockey skills!

Outdoor Learning 4 April

The children have been working on their rope skills as part of outdoor learning this term and have been learning to tie knots.

Making paper planes! 19 March

Last Friday in our plan, do, review session we were talking about what we had learnt about explorers, in particular that there were no planes when Captain Scott travelled to Antarctica. Acorns class wanted to know how to build a plane. So with their thinking caps on they planned to make paper planes this week.

The class were given simple plane plans and designs. This afternoon after PE the children had the opportunity to choose their own learning. With support from the plans, the adults in the room and each other, the class all made paper planes. Everyone faced challenges! Some of these included what paper would work best, how to fold the paper and what size paper would work best. All of the children tried hard to overcome their challenges, try different methods and evolve their initial ideas. At the end of the day we all went outside and used the Ark as a runway to fly our planes. The children found out what styles and designs worked best and began planning their next design for tomorrow.

Progress in writing 19 March

This morning we are celebrating progress in Year 2. Here is one pupil's first piece of writing in Year 2, followed by her most recent piece. (Especially impressive when you speak English as a second language!)

Dividing 13 March

This morning two of our year 2 children have created a division board game, drawing on their knowledge of division facts to help them work out what calculations to use.  If you land on a blue space you have to solve a division word problem!

Adventures in Narnia! 26 February

The children were very excited to discover a ‘magic wardrobe’ in their classroom this morning that transports them to a different world. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Narnia today and we look forward to using it as inspiration for a range of different subjects throughout the term.

Why is it important to share? 30 Janaury

Today we discussed the importance of sharing and the children drew examples of when they have shared things and talked about why it was important:

‘People feel sad if they don’t have any and someone else has lots’
‘It makes me feel happy when I share a big cake!’
‘I have brought chocolate coins in to share with everyone!’

Money! 30 Janaury

In Maths the children have been using their counting skills to find how much money they have. The counted in 2s, 5s and 10s and then found different ways to make 20p. Some of the children found different ways to make 50p too.

Pirate Biscuits! 14 Janaury

The children have been busy baking and decorating biscuits, giving them the chance to practise their measuring skills and team work, as well as their self-control when the chocolate chips were brought out!

Writing in EYFS 10 December

Our EYFS children have been working very hard during their phonics sessions and have been showing off their writing skills!

Jedi Masters! 3 December

As part of our work in dance, the children have been creating short sequences of movements and performing them to the rest of the class. 

Road Safety 11 November

Thank you to Gist for joining us for an afternoon of talking about Road Safety. The children enjoyed listening about the importance of road safety, learning to cross the road safely and getting to sit in the lorry!

Sparklers! 31 October

The children have been learning how to use sparklers safely. As part of our work in English, we have been learning how to write instructions and now the children will draw on their own experiences to write instructions on how to use sparklers safely.

Science Investigation 31 October

As part of our work on identifying whether items are alive, were once alive or have never been alive, the children undertook an observation of fire. They created their own risk assessment and generated the questions that they wanted to find out the answers to. These included ‘Does fire breath?”’, ‘Does it move?’ and ‘Does it drink?’. We observed the fire carefully and the children concluded that the fire was not alive, although it did have similarities to living things, such as needing oxyg>en and moving.

What makes the world wonderful? 27 September

At Weston St Mary we like Big Questions! This week we talked about what makes the world wonderful and the children chose to share their ideas by working together to draw a picture of our planet and all the things that make it amazing!

Problem solving 27 September

In Maths we have been solving problems based on Noah’s Ark! The children had to work out how many animals would need to get on the ark and how much food would be needed too!

Dinosaurs at Weston!

Last week the children discovered a nest on the school field and they think it was a dinosaur nest. This week the children found some eggs! They worked together to design and make a new nest for the eggs.

Spelling is fun! 25 September

Today we have been practising this week’s spellings by making the words out of blocks.

Getting muddy! 20 September

After spending the first few weeks of term learning how to be archeologists, the children decided to conduct their own ‘Big Dig’ today. 


In Maths, we have started the term by working on our counting skills! So far we have counted cubes in the sandpit, sticks from the nature area, pebbles from the water tray and pompoms using tweezers from our Finger Gym.  Our Early Years pupils have been counting up to 20 and Year 1 have been learning to count up to 100.  In Year 2, we have been working on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.