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CE Primary School
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But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Philippians 4:13
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Oaks Class

This term we are continuing our topic ‘Wonderful Weston’. For more information please read our Class Newsletter.

Our Scout Reading Group 18 July

Oaks Class

Teacher: Mrs Thurgood

Instructor: Miss Brannan

Seconded HLTA: Mrs Christie

Children: Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Homework are given out every Monday.

Spellings are tested on Mondays.

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RE Curriculum

Swimming Achievers 18 July

Texture 18 June

We have been busy exploring texture this afternoon linked to our Connections topic. Children have looked at different textures seen outside and then tried to recreate them

Music Workshop 11 June

The children have enjoyed a wonderful opportunity today singing, playing drums, sticks and learning about music with Songbirds.

Church Visit 4 June

We had another great visit to the church with Rev. Annie. We learnt more facts about Weston church and the oldest gravestone we could read was from 1529. We got to ring a model church bell too from Crowland. The children got so much from the visit.

PE in the Sunshine 3 June

Oaks Class enjoyed a sunny PE session outside, completing circuits and practising for Sports Day. The children were running fast to earn team points.

Weston Walk 7 May

The Oaks class went for a walk around Weston village as part of their topic 'Wonderful Weston' to learn about the past and present.

Cricket 1 May

The children were able to enjoy PE outside today, all took part in a busy and fun cricket session learning how to throw, catch and bat a ball. Runs meant team points so many were being scored.

Science 24 April

Today in science, Years 5 and 6 dissected flowers to learn about reproduction in flowering plants. The children loved the practical session and learnt lots about the different parts of a flower.

Air Resistance 20 March

Oaks class had some great Science lessons this week learning about air resistance. We thought about how parachutes work and then designed and made them using different variables. We then tested them off the Ark, it was great fun and helped us understand forces.

Roman Roads 27 February

As part of our topic, the children had he opportunity to go out into he glorious sunshine and build Roman roads and check whether straight roads were the shortest distance.

Roman Day 22 January

Oaks class joined Whaplode on a Roman day as part of our topic for this term. The children learnt about Roman life, weapons and how to build an Aquaduct.

Courage 9 January

Our first week back has been busy. We have been thinking about our new value: Courage. We thought about what courage is and how we can use it to help us overcome problems. The children wrote about courage on lion templates for our class display.

We have also been thinking about how important it is to have dreams and aspirations. Using inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr and BFG, the children created their own dream jars for another display.


Making a Roman Road 9 January

For English in Oaks Class, we are learning about Instructional texts and the children have had to write instructions but also learn to follow instructions to make a Roman Road which is linked in with our topic for this term.

Christingle 7 December

Yesterday Oaks class made Christingles ready for our Christingle service today.

Cadburys World 15 November

On Tuesday, Oaks class went to Cadburys World with Years 3 and 4 from Whaplode as part of our topic ‘Chocolate’. We had a  wonderful time exploring the history of chocolate making, finding out about how Cadburys started their business, learning about how a bean becomes a bar and tasting chocolate too. It was an amazing trip and we have so much knowledge now ready to use in class.

Rainforests 19 October

In Oaks class we have been producing art work linked to rainforests using Oneone Hammersley.

Roots to Food 11 October

Oaks class had an exciting morning at Whaplode today for ‘Roots to Food’. We spent the morning learning about the importance of a balanced diet and what foods fit into which category on an ‘Eatwell plate’. Two teams with the help of an adult master chef then had to cook a balanced meal using different ingredients. Oaks class took part during the morning answering questions and then sampled some of the recipes. Blossom had to work out what the correct sized portion is for her age using the size of her palm and Andi was chef food taster with a team helping.


We have been learning about where the rainforests are in the world and showing this on a world map. We also have been researching about animals that live there and drawing pictures for our display. Also some children completed tasks during the holidays and we have displayed these in the hall.


We have been using the film, ‘Rio’ to help us with our writing. It has been great to follow the journey of Blu and Jewel in Rio de Janeiro. We have written diary entries thinking about feelings, described the setting and retold parts of the story.


We have been working hard thinking about place value. We have answered lots of different questions in our books, thinking about what each digit means and how to round numbers to name just a couple of tasks.


At the start of joining Oaks, we used a photograph of ourselves, cut them in half and then had to draw the rest of our faces ourselves. We had great fun doing this and making a class display.