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But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Philippians 4:13
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Willow Class

Can you believe we have only 6 full weeks left at school for this year? The children have had a whirlwind of a year and have really excelled in all areas. I am incredibly proud of every single one of them!

We are about to start our final focus question in Connections related to ‘Why do humans create art?’. In this focus we will explore our local area, find out what human and physical features it has to offer, how the area has changed over time and think of possible reasons for this. We will identify what has stayed the same but how the use and purpose of the features have changed. The children will complete a D/T project this term linked to traditional past times in rural counties like Lincolnshire, therefore create a game inspired by a county fair. 

We will complete our electricity unit of work in Science before moving onto the very practical unit, States of Matter. We will explore the properties of solids, liquids and gases, carry out several enquiries into how matters can change their state, investigate the role temperature has on these changes and discover why it rains. 

In R.E this term we will be asking and answering ‘Big Questions’. Children will have an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences of life and religion. 

Last term, we spent quality time writing our own beginning to ‘The Lost Thing’. They were fantastic, the children used excellent vocabulary to describe. To begin the term we will be completing our persuasive holiday brochure for a European country then the children will perform some poetry, towards the end of the term we will explore letters. 

All children have worked incredibly hard in maths. We will continue to improve our times table recall and ensure the year 4’s secure most of their times tables before moving to year 5. To begin the term year 4 children will explore numbers with decimals whilst year 3 children will focus on reading data and interpreting graphs, tables and charts. We will all explore shape, time and money before the end of the year too. 

The children enjoyed listening to Little Red Riding Hood in French and can pick out key vocabulary from the story. The children also know the body parts to the song head, shoulders, knees and toes in French! This term we will look at different verbs in French.

We will continue swimming every Monday afternoon at Whaplode Pool, the children have all progressed so much in 1 half term. Every Friday the children will do P.E with Birch Class and they will improve their batting and fielding skills to be able to play rounders. 

The ukulele was a huge hit with all children in music last term, I wonder what Mrs Jesson has in store this term. 

In PSHE the children will be completing a unit called ‘Changing me’. This unit introduces the children to the changes that occur inside and outside of the body as we grow up, why these changes happen and the correct terminology for the parts that change.

Kind regards,
Miss Farmer

The 100 Challenge

Balancing Skills

In P.E on Monday 16th November Willow class were improving their balancing skills. We evaluated how we got on, what our strengths and weaknesses were.

The children showed really good sportsmanship by encouraging their partner, giving them hints and tips when they struggled with the certain challenges. This term we will focus on improving fundamental P.E skills.




Swimming Certificates

Harvest Festival

Our PE Afternoon 21 September

Stars of the Week and Top table children from Willow Class 18 September

Well done, keep up the hard work and great behaviour at lunch time!

Paint Experiment

Willow class used paint to experiment which hand movements we must do to ensure we get soap all over our hands.


We had a go at creating half portraits of ourselves, this is one of the final pieces. How fantastic is this! All the children took care to create the correct shape for the facial feature they we attempting to draw.