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But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Philippians 4:13
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Birch Class

I can’t believe it’s October already and on Friday we had the first birthday of the year; one of our boys hit double digits!

In RE this term we are exploring Hinduism, in particular how their beliefs affect the way they live their lives. To gain a better understanding of this, I led the class in a short yoga and meditation session which they all really enjoyed. The children said it helped to clear their mind, worries disappeared and it allowed them to feel happy. They appreciated that for Hindus, this practice would allow them to reflect on themselves and to feel closer to Brahman.
In science we have planned an experiment to prove that the Earth rotates on its axis. We hope to carry this out next week if the weather allows.

We have also had another two pen licences handed out also for two young lads who have tried very hard and improved their handwriting brilliantly.

I am really appreciating the effort everyone has put into their learning since being back. Well done, Mrs Jesson

Birch Class

Cam Hammers 23 November

As part of our Da Vinci question last term, in DT Birch class pupils designed their own versions of one of his inventions; the cam hammer.

The wood finally arrived and last week they were able to build their designs.

After creating their own risk assessments for using the jigsaws and cold glue gun, they confidently measured, cut, sanded and glued their cam hammers, with a little assistance from Mrs Jesson and her drill!

Remembrance 6 November

In preparation for Remembrance Day next week, Birch class have made poppy lanterns.

As well as the traditional red poppy, some chose to include the purple poppy to remember all those animals who died in the line of duty.

They will sit proudly in our reflection corner for the next week.

Harvest festival 22 October

Earlier this week, Birch class looked at the history of harvest festival and different traditions associated with it.

Harvest was a vital time of year. A successful Summer and bumper harvest would mean that a community could survive the often barren winters. Therefore, many traditions and superstitions grew up around harvest time.

Corn dollies (or corn idols) have been made for thousands of years. It evolved from the Pagan belief of a corn spirit. Corn dollies were made at harvest time from the last sheaf of corn cut. The corn spirit was supposed to live in the plaited straw ornament and was kept until the following Spring when it was planted in the corn field to ensure a good crop the following year. The ornament often had pride of place at the harvest banquet table.

These are our corn dollies.

Building Bricks 15 October

In PSHE today, we looked at the things in school that help us to learn. These are our building bricks. They include people that help us, the environment in the classroom and resources available.

In collective worship, our story this week has been about Jesus as a young boy, going to temple to learn all that he could. Based on this, the children wrote their own aspirations for the year on a star. We have quite a mixture! Some have academic goals such as conquering their times tables or improving their spellings, others hope to learn a new song on their instrument or a new trick on their bike.

I look forward to reviewing these in July to see just how far they’ve all come.

This is not a spot 16 September

On Wednesday afternoon I set Birch class an art challenge; this is not a spot.

Each child was given a small brown circle and asked to use their imagination and as you can see, they really did.

It became a tennis ball, a child’s balloon, a dragon’s eye, a chocolate chip cookie buried in the ground in candy land, the Sun and many other things besides.